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Hi beauties! Today, we are talking about foundations. As an oily skinned girl myself, I know how much of a nightmare foundation shopping can be, especially as I am of an olive skin-tone, so high-street stores are pretty much out of reach! That being said, here are 3 lovely foundations that my skin can not get enough of, and one is actually high-street - success!

First up is Bourjois Paris' Healthy Mix Serum. This foundation is quite a dewy finish with light-medium coverage. More on the lighter side. Perfect for summer! It lasts all day without budging but may need a powder up on the T-zone through the day. It smells gorgeous and covers up redness really well. It doesn't cause me any breakouts and feels smooth and extremely light on the skin. I usually apply this with a brush and if you have any trouble areas, you can built it up quite well to a medium coverage. I also have a few dry patches as my skin is quite dehydrated, which this foundation does not cling to, which is great! The only downside is the colour range of this foundation. I literally just about made their selection of colours, so if you're a little darker than me you may struggle to find a suitable shade. Why won't high-street brands expand their range?!

Second is MAC beauty, the Studio Fix Fluid foundation. This foundation is a matte finish that offers full coverage, but can be toned down if needed by applying very little product. If you apply too much you do run the threat of looking "cakey". I personally don't mind this look for a night out or so, but I know it's not to everyone's taste, so be warned! Having said that, you can apply this with a small amount and a good buffing in for a gorgeous, natural looking finish. In that sense it's quite a versatile product. This also lasts all day and I rarely have to touch it up. The only critique I have is, as a glasses wearer, this foundation transfers onto the glasses a lot! Which is a little embarrassing in public situations when I need to take them off, as dirty glasses are not attractive. Nonetheless, the finish of this foundation is literally HD perfection. It photographs like a dream without any ghost-like flashback, and offers high coverage.

Last but not least is the newest addition to my foundation family! It's the new Clinique Beyond Perfecting liquid foundation that claims to be a concealer and foundation in one - magic! I can actually vouch for that claim as my skin is left absolutely flawless when using this foundation. This foundation is a semi-matte foundation that offers a beautiful glow to the skin, which I love. This product literally lasts on my skin all day and controls my oils the best, especially in my T-zone area, so my nasty glasses issue is dramatically reduced with this foundation. The only complaint with this foundation is the packaging. It comes with a stick that you can use to dot the foundation on your face and blend in using a brush/fingers/sponge. I don't generally like using products directly on my face because if there is a spot developing, the germs would go onto the applicator which would sit in the bottle and just multiply into a discussing mess! I'd rather not. So I use the applicator to put small amounts of product on my hand, and have to re-dip a couple of times to get enough foundation for my face. It's just a little annoying. But that is not detrimental at all towards my review of the product. An absolute holy grail, especially in the warmer months where I will no doubt need the oil barrier, as well as that gorgeous glow. As for it's concealing power, it is a great concealer and most days I can go without applying concealer. But other days, when I want more of a flawless face, I will apply concealer to my under eyes, as I have horrible dark circles, but the rest of my face, spot or no spot, is already to perfection with this foundation.

All in all, if I had to choose one, it would be the Clinique foundation hands down. Nonetheless I love the variation that these foundations provide. Bourjois offers a gorgeous dewy finish that is light for when you're on holiday or just don't want a heavy face, whereas MAC is perfect for the opposite - a full face and lots of glam! The Clinique sits nicely in-between the two and so it is my winner on most days, but I also could not live without the other two.

What foundation do you use? Leave a comment!

Shreya x

Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum: £10.99
MAC Studio Fix Fluid: £21.50
Clinique Beyond Perfecting: £21

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