Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Are YOU a Naked Virgin?

As a beauty blogger and youtuber, there are certain expectations of you and the makeup that you should own. Would you believe it if I told you I was still a Naked virgin? 

Well.. It's true. I'm going to hang my head out in shame. I'm actually not phased about that. I honestly just don't love them enough to fork out £40 on them. There are eyeshadows in each of the 3 primary palettes which I adore and could use all the time, but there are some I just know I wouldn't use, and I wouldn't really want to own all three... so I never really justified it nor did I "yearn" to own them. 

But the beauty world does make you feel left out if you don't own the hottest new trend or god forbid a beauty staple! So as I was about to cave in and get the Naked 2 palette, meanwhile still having a mental debate on whether or not I should, I stumbled across these two palettes by Collection. 

Collection are a hit and miss for me. Some of their products just don't work for me, but saying that, a lot of them do exceed my expectations. The first palette that caught my eye was the one from Little Mix - All about the eyes. It's a warm toned palette with 5 eyeshadows with a mix of shimmer and matte, but mostly shimmer. This palette at £2.99 literally forced me to swatch them, and I'm so glad I did, do you see the pigment?!

The pigment from these two palettes is insane! And I thus ventured through the other palettes and chose a more cool toned palette, so I could have a nice contrast of shadows. 

The eyeshadows feel so creamy and soft to touch, and apply so smoothly onto the eyelid. The colour pigmentation is beyond exceptional, particularly considering their price - £2.99 each! The eyeshadows also blend really easily and don't feel as though you are just brushing the eyeshadow off your eyelid. Furthermore the eyeshadow stays put for a whole day, even on a humid day. I am so pleased I stumbled across these two palettes, and remain a Naked virgin. 

Are you a naked virgin?